Co-Crystal Screening

Co-Crystal Screening and Development

Co-crystal screening is a relatively new technology to pharmaceutical material science that provides an extra tool to modify the physicochemical properties of an API. Avista Pharma’s approach to co-crystals is based on extensive experience in the co-crystal sector, coupled with detailed in-house research.


The design of our screens incorporates a wide range of methods that include amongst others:

  • Modeling Techniques
  • Grinding
  • Solvent Drop Grinding
  • Slurrying Experiments


At Avista Pharma, we understand the difficultly in delivering a scaleable solution using some of these techniques and therefore provide (as part of the service) further crystallisation development that will deliver scaleable alternatives.


As well as aiming to modify the physicochemical, co-crystal screening at Avista Pharma is extensive enough to provide our customers with the further IP protection of their APIs.