Animal Health Capabilities

Each lead optimization process is tailored to a specific Target Product Profile for the appropriate disease indication. Avista Pharma’s multidisciplinary discovery teams (consisting of biology, chemistry and DMPK scientists) advance compound series from preclinical into clinical candidate nomination stage. This world-class team of scientists is experienced in the unique requirements of animal health drugs and markets. Medicinal chemists design and synthesize new compounds to optimize biological activity and physicochemical properties. Parasitologists develop assays to test the new compounds in order to understand effects on the parasites of interest. DMPK scientists perform assays and studies to understand the disposition and pharmacokinetics of the compounds, with particular focus on the behavior of the compounds in key market species (dogs, cats, livestock). The integration of these disciplines, coupled with the team’s particular expertise in animal health, enables the design and selection of new chemical entities that meet the market needs of clients and anticipate areas for future strategic collaboration.


Avista Pharma’s Best-in-Class Animal Health Capabilities Include:

  • Integrated teams with proven success in drug discovery
  • Experienced Biologists, Chemists and DMPK Scientists
  • Parasiticide Discovery (endoparasites, ectoparasites, protozoans, and disease vectors)
  • Novel in vitro whole organism assays
  • Developed and validated screening cascades
  • Proprietary in vivo models of disease
  • Therapeutic Discovery for companion animals
  • Compound selection and workflow management
  • Sample and data management
  • Network of animal health experts and key opinion leaders